Om oss

Vi har skapat Privatlå för att förenkla möjligheten för konsumenter att hitta och sortera bland långivare på den svenska marknaden.

Vårt egenutvecklade system ser till så att vi fångar upp nya aktörer samt har aktuell information om långivarna.

Adress: Sankt Eriksgatan 34, 112 37 Stockholm, Sverige


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  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    My husband and I are looking to buy a property in Orust. Our main income is from our salaries in the UK. My husband has a personal number and has applied for his Swedish ID.

    We would really appreciate a call to discuss whether a mortgage would be possibility for us.

    Yours sincerely


    • Hi Nilma,

      Good choice for a cottage – Orust is stunning. However, we don’t have the possibility to give any advice on you loan situation. I don’t believe any of the mayor banks in Sweden will give you a loan as a none-EU citizen. But try to contact, Swedbank or SEB. Also, Nordax and Bluestep offers more “relaxed” loans. However, the interest rate is much higher.

      I think the easiest way forward is if you could borrow the money in the UK.

      Best of luck, Johan


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